Limo Bus

If you need a classy and fun way to get to your special events, but you find that a traditional stretch limousine isn’t roomy enough for your group, then we have the perfect solution for you here at Dominican Limousine – The Punta Cana Limo Bus!

If you’re wondering why you might want to hire a limo bus over a traditional limo, we can give you several reasons. Depending on where you’re going, one of the main differences is going to be the views.

A limo bus has a distinct advantage when you’re going on wine tasting events, sight-seeing tours and other such outings by providing a far more expansive view of the scenery – plus there is more room to spread out, have fun and possibly take a nap on the way home. We offer door-to-door service, and there are no undesired stops.

There are many other great reasons why a limo bus may be the best choice for you when you’re traveling in a big group. Our limo buses seat up to 35 people and they come equipped with some pretty awesome features including free wifi, a fantastic sound system and lights, and side-facing seats so no one feels left out – not that anyone would, with the free sparkling wine and the premium open bar!

Rather than have each person driving themselves or even taking a taxi, a limo bus means that you’ll all be travelling and having fun together and no one in your group has to worry about traffic, parking, or even getting left out of the fun because someone has to be the designated driver. You can enjoy a drink or two without having to worry about DUIs.

Kid’s prom night coming up? You can hire a limo bus for them so that they can pile a ton of their friends into one vehicle (like you know they’re going to do anyway) only this way means that there is a licensed and insured chauffer who will make sure that all the passengers arrive at their destination safely. You will have your peace of mind, and the kids will have their laser lights and great sound system. Happiness all around!

Planning a night of club hopping with a group of friends? You can get rid of all the hassle of wasting time trying to call or flag down taxis to get everyone to the venue. Or the next time your favorite band is in town and you want to attend their concert that’s a half-hour away, a limo bus from Dominican Limousine is a great solution! The bus can pick up people from multiple destinations and taxes and tolls are included so there is even less for you to worry about.

For almost any event that you can think of where you may want to celebrate and have fun with friends or family, this is the best way to get to it – from bachelorette parties, to weddings, to spa days, or even going to a football game – our world class Punta Cana Limo Bus is the most comfortable and luxurious way to get everyone in the mood to have fun to and from the destination.

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