Night out Tours

The night out tours in Punta Cana is the experience of a lifetime when you use the stylish and classy services of Dominican Limousine. Put yourself in the passenger seat and let us do the work as we take you all around Punta Cana at night. Whether you want an elegant restaurant, memorable live event, or the hottest new club we can show you the city and even recommend stops if you wish. Tour downtown and mingle with the famous or take in a live event or concert. Anything is possible for a night with Dominican Limousine. Some customers enjoying ordering a drink to enjoy while viewing the sights roll by you. Perhaps an intimate champagne for two, or beer for you and a few friends?

Although there are many all-inclusive resort hotels, you must venture out to see the city nightlife. Try different clubs or other shows or go casino hopping for a while. Dance the night away at a disco and return to your hotel safely in our clean and spacious private limousine. Most of the clubs do not open until after 11 PM, enjoy the convenience of going when you wish and returning when you are tired.There is no waiting when you call us, and you will find the service to be safe, friendly, and reliable. Clubs and discos in the city are renowned for their unique features and lively atmosphere. Try a club which is built into a natural cave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites or try one of the two-story clubs where you can dance to techno or a mixture of popular Punta Cana beats on the main floor. You may learn a few new moves while you are there, and music tends to be upbeat reggae, hip-hop and urban mixed with merengue, bachata, and salsa. Guest satisfaction is always the priority when exploring night out tours of the city, you may enjoy picking a few clubs to try in a night or staying at your favorite one.

Cigar aficionados will be impressed by the range of cigar bars and clubs. Sample some of the famous Dominican rhums while enjoying a fine Dominican cigar. Relax and unwind in soft leather seating with ambient lighting designed to make you feel at home in the world of fine things. Many cigar bars are near the beach, you may enjoy a stroll along the sand capped off with a cigar and a drink before moving on to a nightclub or event as these venues generally open before dinner and close by midnight.

Live shows and music can display the moves you need to know for the dance floor. Some will include dinner, if yours does not there are a large selection of fine dining options to try. Acclaimed chefs prepare fabulous dishes inspired by local cuisine. Some restaurants cater to specific gastronomic delights and ethnic feasts such as Mediterranean, Vegan, Japanese, International, Indian, Gluten-free, Italian, French and more. Expect great food and friendly, knowledgeable service as you dine with views of the sea. Upscale locations may serve up to seven-course meals so prepare yourself for an entire evening of culinary delights and be sure to make a reservation for your special night out tours with Dominican Limousine.

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