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Vacations for Handicapped Adults

For years, if a person was physically disabled it meant they would be left indoors either with a helper or alone taking care of themselves s when the other family members go out. However, with technological advancement things have changed because walkers for disabled people have made it easier for physically handicapped members of the family to join the others in experiencing the outdoor fun of the world.

Walkers for disabled people are motorized scooters equivalent to wheelchairs but powered by gasoline or rechargeable batteries that aid the handicapped people to move. The scooters come in two major models, the three-wheel, and the four-wheel models. The scooters have features such as a sitting area, handlebars, and footplates for the feet. Mobility scooters for rent eliminate the need to use manual strength in an unpowered wheelchair because it has a steering mechanism that makes movement effortless when you remain in an upright posture.

Planning vacations for handicapped adults in the Dominican Republic are now stress-free because the electric scooters for rent ensure the disable people leave their wheelchairs at home and use the rented scooters for free movement when in Punta Cana. The motorized scooter rentals give the disabled people a perfect chance to visit Dreams Punta Cana, Dreams Palm Beach, Bavaro, Hard Rock Hotel, Melia Caribe Tropical, Paradisus Palma Real, Grand Palladium Turquesa, Bahia Principe, Majestic Colonial and Majestic Elegance among others places in the Dominican Republic and experience its uniqueness.

Mobility scooters Punta Cana offers a broad range of motorized scooter rentals that meet the needs of different physical disabilities. A mobility scooter has a seat over the rear two wheels, handlebars on the front used to turn one or two wheels and a flat area where you place your feet. The electric scooters for rent seats have a swivel to allow easy access when the handlebars block the front part.

Long-lasting rechargeable batteries power our motorized scooter rental equipment. The mobility scooters for rent provide significant benefits to people with movement difficulties who visit Paradisus Palma Real, Majestic Elegance, Majestic Colonial, Grand Palladium Turquesa and Bahia Principe, all which attract thousands of tourists from throughout the world annually. Whether you are planning a wedding, party, vacation or just family trip, these scooters are the most helpful to persons with either systematic or whole body conditions but can still stand, walk few steps, can control steering tiller and sit upright without torso support.

Why you need to rent walkers for disabled people during vacations for handicapped adults at Mobility scooters Punta Cana

The scooters provided by Mobility Scooters Punta Cana are well maintained and offer value for money when you hire. Our Scooters are good for physically disabled people because they offer balance and greater stability with a wide support base. During vacations, some families might feel that disabled people are a burden and they should not be carried along for long distance vacations. Carry everyone at home, because our mobility scooters rentals cater for the mobility needs of disabled people when you are visiting Bavaro, Hard Rock Hotel, Melia Caribe Tropical, Dreams Palm Beach and Dreams Punta Cana without them being a burden during the vacation.

With the scooters, the physically disabled members can easily access hotels, beaches, shopping malls and just everywhere in Punta Cana. The equipment helps maintain an upright body posture for the handicapped people as they move and view the uniqueness that the Dominican Republic has to offer. If you have never used the scooters before, we will provide guidance on how to use the equipment until the time you can personally operate it with ease during movement.

Depending on your physical disability, your budget or the reason you need the scooters. You can hire either the three-wheeled scooters that are easily maneuverable or the four-wheeled models that are less maneuverable. The three wheel scooters are good for indoor movement, and short distance outdoor movements. When the scooter is moving, you can easily stop it using the brakes. Our scooters for hire are well maintained and are regularly inspected to ensure they are always in good condition for our customers. The four-wheel scooters have larger wheels or swiveling castors to facilitate outdoor travel. When using the four-wheel model ensure you adjust the frame to the correct height that makes you comfortable. Although some models have a fixed height, they come with standard height for utmost comfort.

How to determine the best mobility scooter for you or your loved one

Choosing the right scooter for your loved one or yourself can be confusing because of the many varied types of equipment to choose from. The only way you will enjoy your vacation in the Dominican Republic is when you are comfortable in your means of transport. When deciding on the scooter to use you should put the focus on your ability to use the machine easily. Scooters are fitted with seats, and some are equipped with baskets so that in your movement you can easily carry or pick what you need along the way as you put it in the basket.

You should also check if you could handle and control the wheels and brakes effectively. When choosing a mobility scooter comfort is key. Most scooters have adjustable heights while others have fixed heights. It is wise to choose a scooter that matches your size. Besides, there are times you might need to pick something in a shopping mall or having to maneuver uneven surfaces, and comfortable height will ensure you do this with lots of ease. If you find yourself getting tired easily when using a scooter, you can request for a replacement anytime.

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