Fast Track Service

Fast Track Service

Fast track service at Punta Cana Airport and all other airports in the Dominican Republic was once reserved for a special class, offering superior service and extra amenities to make the airport experience a smoother more luxurious one. Previously the exclusive service was only open to real estate owners in the Punta Cana Group of properties. Since 2015 all passengers are eligible for this time saving, stress relieving opportunity regardless of which airline they are flying or what class they are traveling in. Finally, the general public can experience the best of the best that Punta Cana, la Romana , Santo Domingo , Santiago and Puerto Plata has to offer. Among the services offered are the following perks for all Fast Track subscribers:

Travelers with Fast Track will receive express registration for their upcoming flight. Rather than waiting in long lines and risking the inconvenience of missing their flight, Fast Track participants will be checked-in at the business line.

Express Immigration services will also be available to all passengers. This takes a lot of the headache out of the process so passengers can relax and attend to more important matters. Once again these services will b carried out at the business line for more expedient service.

Express Customs control further simplifies the process by speeding up the customs check portion of the airport experience. Whisked through all the necessary procedures, passengers have more time between flights to relax in the VIP room or exit the airport and enjoy the city faster.

VIP Room access is perhaps the most significant perk of the Fast Track service and it is well worth the experience. While awaiting their next flight, passengers will be treated to a private lounge where there can enjoy the peace and quiet of a secluded portion of the airport. They will be offered Dominican rum, Dominican beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as fruit, light snacks and sandwiches such as ham, cheese, and croissants. A mini dessert is also available.

Punta Cana Airport Fast Track Service is an opportunity to experience the best the airport has to offer without having to be a VIP. Prices vary by airport and services differ slightly so be sure to check which valuable features are available at your next destination. Fast Track service at Punta Cana is currently only $90.00 per person for arrival and $125.00 per person on departure ( this include a VIP lounge ).

Airport Fast Track service takes the airline experience to the next level with a treatment that makes passengers feel truly appreciated. These services are offered not only at Punta Cana airport but also at sister terminals in the region. Santo Domingo, La Romana, Puerto Plata and Cibao airports all offer their own Fast Track services so that no matter where travelers are going they can continue to enjoy the amenities they experienced on their trip to Punta Cana.

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