Terms and Conditions


  1. Meet and greet instructions: We’ll be contacting main contact person to provide customs instructions about how to meet greeter
  2. Conditions of Use: The Customer agrees that by using the Program the Customer agrees to and accepts these Conditions of Use. These Conditions of Use will prevail over any other terms and conditions provided to the Customer in relation to purchase, or use of, the Program. Dominican Limousine, LLC reserves the right at all times to make any changes to these Conditions of Use. Customers agree that Dominican Limousine, LLC may provide notification by posting the Conditions of Use on the Program website, and that Customer use of the Program constitutes agreement to the current Conditions of Use.
  3. Documentation: Use of Lounge is conditional upon presentation of an eligible Means of Access (e.g. booking confirmation) in hardcopy form, together with any additional identification required by the Lounge (such as passport, valid boarding pass for the same day of travel, national identity card or driving license).
  4. Cancellations: Cancellations must be made in writing by letter or by email to Dominican Limousine, LLC at least 36 hours prior to the Lounge visit date. The full cost of the Means of Access, less any cancellation charge advised at the time of booking, will be refunded back to (a) the Customer’s credit/payment card or (b) the booking agent's account, dependent on the method used for the original booking.
  5. Use and expiry: Use of the Lounge access is non-transferable and Customers may only use the Lounge access on the date and time shown on the Means of Access. Entry to a Lounge outside of the date and time shown on the Means of Access shall be at the discretion of the Lounge but in no event after three hours of the time shown on the Means of Access. The Means of Access may not be used by any person other than the eligible Customer named on the Means of Access and by the number of persons shown on the Means of Access. A Means of Access provides for a maximum three hour stay in the Lounge unless otherwise indicated on the Means of Access or by the Lounge.
  6. Refunds: Refunds will not be given for any cancellation notified to Dominican Limousine, LLC less than 24 hours prior to the Lounge visit date.
  7. Third Party Organisations: Lounges are owned and operated by third party organisations. The Customer must abide by the rules and policies of each participating location, and the Customer accepts that provision of a Means of Access for a Lounge does not guarantee access to that Lounge. The Customer accepts that Dominican Limousine, LLC has no control over the Lounge’s decision of whether to admit any Customer, the number of people allowed in at any time, facilities offered, the opening/closing times, the length of time which Customers may spend in the location, any charges payable above and beyond those included in the Lounge access, or the personnel employed by the Lounge. Dominican Limousine, LLC will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the Lounge access is available as advertised, but the Customer accepts that Dominican Limousine, LLC does not warrant nor guarantee in any way that any or all of the Lounges will be available at the time of the Customer's visit